Real-time & action-driving engagement platform for internet businesses

Increase leads by +90% using on-site chat, video, and voice calls.

Consumers never leave the site to the phone’s keypad again.

Auto-engage and call-to-action when call ends.

What is Overtok?


A powerful rich connectivity platform for websites, landing pages, and business apps.


Turning off-line interactions with consumers into a digital, on-site visual experience.


Adding extra value when a call ends by offering dynamic, relevant content in real-time.


Converting more page visitors into great quality leads and customers.

How It Works


Overtok is a multi-channel communication platform.

On-site INteraction

Consumers stay on-site during an interaction.


Overtok drives consumers to additional action when the call ends.

Main Values


On-site interaction with online customers. Overtok delivers relevant offers and content at the right time and in the right place.


Call to action during and after the interaction to get more leads and sales.


Real-time insights based on user behavior and personalized actions. Smarter customer targeting.



Access to a world of communication. Face-to- Face in real-time with customers.


A new way for consumers to connect with businesses directly via messages.


Voice calls work visually on websites with great new engagement spots.

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We’re changing the way customers and businesses interact online.

Overtok is a technology company. 
We provide a real-time and action-driving engagement platform that works on any web page or app. 
With our solutions, users can interact with businesses through messaging, video and voice calls, and stay on-site instead of being thrown out to the phone-dialer.

Founded in 2017 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs with significant experience in SMB products and marketing in the local search industry, we believe in improving the outdated processes users and businesses are experiencing today.

We support any size and scale of SMB platforms and activities.


Want to know more about overtok? Please drop us a line.