The new standard in online Interactions

One button for any combination of Chat, Video and Voice calls.

High-intent consumers stay on-site when they call.

Call ends with customized Go-To-Action visual screens.

Keep users on-site

Using Overtok keeps users on the web page while they interact with a local business using instant messaging, video calls or voice calls.

full Visual Experience

Unique experience during the entire interaction by visual screens with relevant offers and customized content.

complete the transaction

Customers completing the transaction during the interaction by using payments, booking , file sharing and more.

analytics & sales dashboard

Overtok reports & insights of each event, engagement, interaction and sale. Based on speech recognition & NLP.


Access to a world of communication. SMB goes Face to Face in real-time with customers.


New way for customers to connect with businesses directly in messages.


Make more from call traffic. Voice calls work visually on your website with great monetization spots.

Visual Experience When Call Ends

navigate to store

Driver callers to your shop.

social engagement

Show  your social presences.

Reviews and rating

Get immediate users reviews. 

Main Values


On-site interaction with online customers. Deliver relevant offers and content at the right time and the right place.


Call for action during and after the interaction to get more leads and sales.


Real-time insights based on user behavior and personalized actions. Smarter customer targeting.

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We’re changing the way customers and businesses interact online.

Overtok is a technology company. 
We provide a multi-channel visual communication platform works on any web page or app. 
With our solutions users can interact businesses through Messaging, Video and Voice calls, 
and stay on-site instead of thrown out to the phone-dialer.

Founded in 2017 by team of visionary entrepreneurs who have a significant experience in SMB products and marketing in local search industry. We believe in improving outdated processes that users and businesses experiencing today.

We support any size and scale of SMB platforms and activities.

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