User engagement platform that leverage long term conversion

The Last Mile Problem
Most B2C online platform are measured based on basic KPI such as traffic volumes and users-engagement. However, most of them suffer from an integral problem which deteriorates those measures: when the user seeks for direct communication / integration with the business, they are usually shifted to an external engagement tool / platform. That causes both decreased conversion rates (as with any additional required action from the user, so is their retention potential deteriorates) and a lacking coherent funnel data base (as the processes is fragmented across different platforms). And so, businesses (or marketers) are going through all the efforts of landing a user in the digital asset, just to lose track of them at the most crucial steps of the process.

Overtok’s solution

Overtok offers a new approach to that problem. First, the technology provides all types of interaction in one place, so the marketer can learn the user’s behavior from the moment they enter the web page and can analyze the interaction content. Based on those insights, Overtok provides new, real-time contact points that provides a much more significant value to the business, rather than just weather or not has the user engaged with the business.
Overtok was founded by industry specialists to address the very commonly observed failure and marketing capabilities differences between the web and telecommunication arenas; Needless to say, as users’ needs are better answered, so is the provider’s benefits arise.
Overtok differentiation relies on it being the most oriented solution towards converting any communicative interaction to action, as communication-related CTA is better performed than in any other alternative.

Key benefits & Value

• A full process, detached over a few medias;
• Users being kept in the loop rather than pushed to external communication methods;
• Perfect seamless communication, even with occasional users;
• Engaged users take actions with a powerful conversion engine converts any interactions into additional valuable data, action, or revenue stream.