Boost customer's results through action-driven engagement platform

Improve business results for small and medium sized clients from the same traffic size. Easily stretch the caller’s on-site journey and auto-engage in real time to generate additional and valuable actions.

Boost customer's results through action-driven engagement platform

Overtok helps digital agencies, designers and developers to increase actions and conversions on any digital asset built for clients while measuring each channel’s ROI separately.

Overtok provides a complete visual engagement system with high-intent callers that includes content suggestions and native call-to-action offers before the call between the consumer and the business is connected and after it ends.

Dynamic touch-points

Convert more actions out of high-intent consumers before each call starts and after it ends by using visual Call-To-Action screens. Every call is a great opportunity to get an additional powerful action from the caller.

Manage & track calls

Track calls from all assets.
Compare interactions data with web information in order to better understand campaigns results, traffic and conversions.

> IP & location         > Date and time
> Time on site          > Call duration
> Keywords              > Conversions 

On-site customer engagement

Add a powerful communication platform on the beautiful assets you create.

Landing pages              Websites
Mini-sites                      Applications
Listings websites       Campaigns

Work on any digital environment

You can use Overtok as a link.
Simply create and place a link on any digital component and drive users to click a call. 

Banner ads        E-mail campaigns
> Social posts        > SMS messages
Text link                > QR codes 

Measure ROI

Measure and track each channel’s interactions and actions separately. Easily calculate your results and invest money on the right spots.

Why should I use Overtok in my agency?

Overtok works perfectly for small businesses.

Native on-site calls

Measure each channel’s ROI separately

Longer time on site. Lower bounce rate.

Boost social presence

More actions from the audience traffic

Touch-points with quality consumers

Track interactions and conversions

Happier clients!