Real-time & action-driving engagement platform for internet businesses
Increase leads and sales by +90% using on-site chat, video, and voice calls.

Consumers never leave your site to the phone’s keypad again.

Auto-engage and call-to-action when call ends.

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We’re changing the way customers and businesses interact online.

Overtok is a technology company. 
We provide a real time and action driving engagement platform that works on any web page or app. 
With our solutions, users can interact with businesses through messaging, video, and voice calls, 
and stay on-site instead of being thrown out to the phone-dialer.

Founded in 2017 by a team of visionary entrepreneurs with significant experience in SMB products and marketing in the local search industry, we believe in improving the outdated processes users and businesses are experiencing today.

We support any size and scale of SMB platforms and activities.


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